Nail Salon Services

See our nail salon service at i Jayhawk Nail below! Also, feel free to call us at (785) 592-0777 for any questions.


Relaxing treatment of the hands involving cutting, shaping, and painting of the nails, removal of the cuticles, and softening of the skin.

Spa Pedicure

A spa-quality treatment of the feet and toenails, releasing tension and focusing on relaxation, moisturizing and soothing your feet.

Acrylic Nails

Our acrylic nail service enhances length, and provides strength and durability

Gel Polish Nails

An acrylic substitute in liquid gel form creating a natural nail enhancement cured underneath an UV lamp. 

What our customers are saying

Jayhawk Nail just opened this month! I visited their Salon today and met Manisha and Milan, absolutely a delightful couple and quite the conversationalists. 😊 I really enjoyed the entire experience and Manisha did a fabulous job on my nails and toes. I highly recommend Jayhawk Nail.  

Karen F.